We are hiring for 3 roles: ChANGE-MAKER, Start-up Management trainee & ENERGY ENGINEER  

Are you up for working alongside a risk-taking group of people who used to be professionals with engineering, management consulting, investment bank and VC? Blue Sky, with an office in Sheung Wan, think we have a pretty impressive team. We are working on a widely-scalable solution, and are changing the way humans engage with energy. Some of our current customers include University of Hong Kong, St. James’ Settlement and leading property conglomerate.

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To apply, send your resume / portfolio work to [email protected]

We are recruiting on a rolling basis. It is to your advantage to submit your resume as soon as possible. 


Are you a people person, interested in interacting with thousands if not millions of people? Are you up for the challenge of discovering people’s needs and running initiatives which inform and change people’s behavior and optimize energy consumption?

We’re hiring a change-maker to join us.

Skills and Requirements

  • Real work experience in devising and implementing change management, e.g., identifying barriers, mapping needs, implementing change program and driving embedment
  • Track record in successfully applying different engagement tools and facilitation skills to lead workshops or training discussions
  • Excited about social media in curating and marketing content, spreading compelling messages which capture attention and move people to take action
  • Capability to effectively communicate and deliver results to client, across different levels of the organization from the senior leadership team to the middle management to the frontline staff
  • Passionate of understanding people, motivating people and driving behavioral change
  • Experience in empathizing with people, discovering needs, ideating solutions and running change and habit building initiatives


  • Engine of Blue Sky’s result delivery on energy saving and behavioral change
  • Effectively prepare compelling materials for client engagement activities catering to clients' needs and goals
  • Leverage omni-channels to reach and engage users, e.g., online dashboard, personalized messages, in-person activities, and programs
  • Consistently evaluate progress, identify road blocks, growth opportunities and follow-up actions
  • Drive innovative thinking and know-how in change management process based on practical projects experience and ongoing client feedback

Management trainee

















If you are a doer and value hands-on experiences, then read-on. As a start-up trainee, your analytical, interpersonal, creative thinking, business management and leadership skills will be called upon. You will be placed in the thick of the action as you work side by side with our core team with background in VC, Telecom and management consulting. Every day is different but trainees, are commonly responsible for executing on growth hacking; project deliverables; data gathering and analysis; industry research; interviewing key clients, customers and suppliers; and presenting findings and deliverables to the team. In this role, you are exposed to a variety of business issues and quickly learn the fundamentals of a start-up core tools. Apply if you’re up for a steep learning curve.

Skills and Requirements

  • Currently holding or studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree

  • Entrepreneurship and Ownership:  Work needs to be done — everyone is responsible for getting things done

  • Strong verbal, written and presentation skills: The ability to speak Cantonese, read and write Chinese and English fluently.

  • Drive: growth happens with perseverance

  • Deadline-driven, organized and able to multitask

  • A solid team player who’s also an independent thinker: We communicate timely and transparently; our team culture is practical, down-to-earth and friendly

  • A robust analytical skill set, an endless curiosity and resilience to overcome daily challenges


Are you a seasoned practitioner in energy consumption and saving? Are you up for the challenge of applying your expertise, combining it with real-time granular energy meter readings and partnerships to optimize energy consumption?

We’re hiring an energy engineer to join us.

Skills and Requirements

  • Extensive and in-depth knowledge in the area of energy consumption, energy monitoring and energy saving
  • Current practitioner with up-to-date experience of energy saving technology applications and results
  • Ability to translate experience into energy saving results delivery to client, factoring in the context of clients’ business or institution nature and goal
  • Knowledgeable in building services and relevant statutory regulations such as Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance, and EMSD Code of Practices
  • Experience in managing project works from design to completion, in collaboration with technical team counterparts
  • Ability to communicate to a wide range of external audiences without using jargon


  • Manage and ensure E&M work schedule and delivery is up to standard
  • Function as the knowledge and experience expert in the technicality of energy saving result delivery
  • Participate on the product and service development team, integrating the latest and practical experience of energy saving, for example by adding first-hand field knowledge of anecdotal stories, case studies, best practices, and “tricks-of-the-trade"
  • Monitor and check building services installations, ensure works are carried out in accordance to specifications and schedules
  • Define the knowledge, skills and processes required to deliver results to client
  • Effectively communicate and partner with the technical team of clients to design, install and evaluate energy saving measures