We have installed power sensors in University of Hong Kong, New College, enabling residents to receive real-time information on their energy consumption. 

In addition, we have carried out analytics to gain insights into the energy data. Through analytics such as anomaly detection, cluster analysis and other tools, we reveal insights critical to informed decision makings on energy use in the College.

Project Scope

  • 150 circuits
  • 12 Multi-circuit breakers
  • Real-time display in concourse, visible to 400 residents
  • Personal log-in account for residents
  • Data granularity of individual room and pantry, separated into air conditioning, light and socket load


New College residents gained insights into their energy use through in-depth analysis of the College's energy data, working alongside with sustainability consultant and data scientist.

We cumulate the effort by presenting the insights and proposed initiatives to Dr. Sarah Liao, the Master of New College, University of Hong Kong and the rest of New College residents.


As Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

We use real-life case study of the latest sustainability technology, data analytics and visualization examples to showcase the possibility of insights from data. One of the workshops was held in a creative space Blue Print packed with thoughtful design and technology to minimize the space's environmental impact. 

We also heard from architect, sustainability consultant and industrial designer on the latest sustainable design and building features. 

USER CENTRIC solution 

"Empathy is key to designing persuasive solutions" 

Observing and interviewing fellow residents have enabled us to create solutions which best fit our users needs. The participants carry out first-person research to discover effective ways to engage residents at New College to adopt energy saving habits.