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KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services to help other firms mitigate risks and grasp opportunities. The firm has collaborated with Blue Sky starting 2017 in hopes of spreading green corporate culture and actively promoting energy conservation at the KPMG Hong Kong office.


After discovering from our user research that our KPMG users desire convenience and viable solutions and even enjoy some friendly competition from time to time, we catered our services to their interests and needs. In the process of proposing various concepts ranging from viral content to eco-themed activities, we were able to assist KPMG in creating a greener company culture.

By running innovative behavioral change initiatives that can be adopted very quickly and installing smart sub-meters and software package at the KPMG office, we remain successful in guiding users to gain insight into real-time energy usage on a day-to-day basis.

Currently, Blue Sky is planning to create a Eco-themed area and launch a starter kit with the goal of driving behavioral change and achieving organization-wide and systematic optimization of energy consumption. The starter kit will provide our KPMG users with constant reminders that are visible, catchy, and concise so that they gain a better understanding of our smart meter and the impact of their behaviors in the office.

With our user centric model which combines installation of energy sensors with our behavioral change program, we believe that our users will be able to effectively engage in our program on a larger scale in the long term.

Project Scope

  • KPMG office in Central, Hong Kong
  • Engagement of all staff members & administration team 
  • Real-time displays in concourse
  • Identification of socket usage and fan/light sensor settings


We plan to oversee real-time analytics to gather, analyze, notify and recommend actions for our users by not only providing energy-efficient products that are easy to use but also taking into account all of users' feedback. We collaborate with staff members as well as the KPMG administration team to develop more solutions for our users.

Our ProCess

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Research Process

Blue Sky followed Human-Centered Design and UX Design Thinking processes to ensure that our strategy was supported by our user research.


We created a persona of a potential user working at KPMG based on user research to understand our users more on a personal level and to provide solutions that are easy to implement.

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After having observed the office and interviewed our users, we strongly believe that our behavior change program will contribute to converting KPMG users’ knowledge into action. For example, the starter kit can serve as a tool that can help our individual users to find out and visualize their energy consumption level in a fast and convenient manner. Meanwhile, the Eco-themed space can help users to carry out and maintain new sustainable habits easily.

We are currently working hard to implement our plan so please check back on our website to find out more about our progress.