Products & Services

Turn the building into a smart space (3).gif (7).gif

Data Collection

  • Collect electricity consumption data
  • Different appliances can be monitored. Down to users' workstation
  • Complete hardware installation without shutting down the power


  • Simple and user friendly control panel
  • Electricity use analogous dial with various metrics
  • Compatible on Web, iOS and Android (6).gif (4).gif

AI Prediction

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the usage pattern of users can be learnt to predict the future energy usage level

Public Display

  • Public display with dynamic slides
  • Provide latest environment related news, events and information to raise the public awareness
  • Energy figures can be shown to remind the audiences about their energy usage level. (9).gif (10).gif

Engagement Program

  • Provide user-centric and data driven services to corporates 
  • Engagement program, such as Lunch n' Learn, will be customized for staffs to raise their awareness in environmental issues

Unit Control

  • Control various appliances on one single platform
  • Multi-function control, users can control the brightness of light, turn up & down the degree of AC, and schedule the operation time period of the appliances
  • Remote control over smart devices