Products & Services

Turn the building into a smart space


Data Collection

  • Collect electricity consumption data realtime
  • Appliances can be monitored as granular to socket level
  • No power down time and non-intrusive hardware installation


  • Easy-to-read and user-friendly control panel
  • Electricity use analogous dial with various metrics
  • Dashboard compatible on Web, iOS and Android
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AI Prediction

With the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the energy usage pattern is learnt to predict the future energy usage level

Public Display

  • Animated & dynamic presentation, with regular info updates
  • Provide latest environment related news and events to raise the public awareness
  • Energy figures updates to allow audiences to understand their current energy usage (9).gif


Engagement Program

  • Provide user-centric and data driven services to corporates 
  • Engagement program, such as Lunch n' Learn, will be customized for staffs to raise their awareness in environmental issues