How It Works

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1. Install Sensors

  • Install smart meters and/or indoor air quality sensors to collect data on temperature, humidity, air quality, energy usage and human presence


2. Monitor Building Conditions

  • Appliances can be monitored at a granular or socket level

  • Little to no downtime with non-intrusive hardware and seamless software integration

3. Visualize and Analyze

  • Energy & IAQ data visualized on a dashboard and app

  • Access anywhere on Web, iOS or Android

  • AI continuously learns preferences and identifies improvement opportunities from data

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4. Optimize Performance

  • Integrate with controls to optimize performance

  • Embed in day-to-day routine schedule

  • Notifications sent to indicate abnormalities

5. Engage Users

  • Based on our expertise and previously successful programs, engagement programs are customized for each client

  • Put in place incentives to develop better energy saving habits and foster environmental awareness


6. Review Performance

  • Periodic performance reports generated

  • Infographics and other collaterals communicate results and impacts to stakeholders in a user-friendly way