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St. James’ Settlement (SJS) is one of Hong Kong’s most established non-profit organizations. SJS serves over 3,800,000 person-times annually, with 1,200 staff in over 50 service centers throughout Hong Kong. SJS provides diversified services ranging from community support to residential care. Supported by Lee Hysan Foundation, we have been driving behavioral change through data and user engagement. 



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Project Scope

  • 74 locations in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories

  • 80% of SJS service locations

  • 220,000+ square feet of building floor area monitored

  • 130+ meters

  • 1,000+ staff engaged

  • Personal and secured accounts for staff

  • Public displays


“With action, there is hope for a green future”

We run real-time analytics to target and recommend actions for SJS users.  Based on the data and users' feedback, we also offer energy-efficient enabling products which are easy for staff to adopt and implement immediately. In collaboration with leading academia, we constantly learn from the data to develop more user centric solutions.


“There is a daily status notification, and it clearly indicates how much energy consumption we are at” - SJS staff

Through observations and interviews, we design heavily from the perspective of our users. We deploy tools which best help our individual users to develop, carry out and maintain sustainable habits easily. 

For example, the live dashboard visualizes energy consumption target intuitively for the majority of staff. For the facilators, we provide in-depth trainings which enable them to gain comprehensive understanding of energy usage patterns and to derive actions. We are constantly experimenting with and developing more user centric and effective behavioral change features.