University is full of possibilities. It is the place and time for young adults to challenge themselves to learn and to make a positive difference in community. That's why Blue Sky does more than energy monitoring and real-time display in the New College Program.

We harness the power of granular data to empower residents to adopt lasting behavioral change. With mentorship support, students go on a journey to gain insights into their College's energy data and implicatons. Discovery of the existing energy usage pattern is key to identify energy saving and improvement opportunities. Students gain a broad spectrum of skills including data analysis, data visualization and user-centric design thinking throughout the program. Every student participant takes part in the research, design and pitching of initiatives that benefit the whole College.


New College residents become more aware of their energy use throughout the program. Resident awareness increases by 44%. Meanwhile, energy consumption in Room and Pantry AC, Room light and socket has reduced by more than 20%.


  • 150 circuits & 12 Multi-circuit breakers
  • Real-time energy display in concourse, visible to 400 residents
  • Personal log-in account for residents for web dashboard & smart phone app
  • Data granularity of individual room and pantry, separated into air conditioning, light and socket load
  • Notification and Alert which prompt energy investigation
  • Weekly consumption report for energy review 
  • Ongoing project in 2018 to expand coverage in all 4 residential colleges, with 1276 rooms and 90 student lounges, visible to 1800 residents


New College residents gained insights into their energy use through the semester-long engagement program. This includes an in-depth analysis of the College's energy data. A series of workshops are deployed to equip the residents with ability to use data analytical tools and adopt user-centric design thinking.

Past workshop topics include:

  • Data Analysis tools and case studies
  • User-centric Design Workshop
  • Pitching 101
  • Making Infographics
  • Data Visualization with Open Source Software

We also invited a broad group of seasoned professionals to serve as mentors and speakers to inspire and share their experiences with the residents. Our past workshops featured sustainability consultant, venture capitalist, foundation head, green advocacy group program manager, architect and industrial designer.



Residents also showcased the analytical results of the energy data, carry out research, design and pitch a series of college-wide sustainability initiatives. The College Master Dr. Sarah Liao and guests review the teams’ pitches and provide feedback. Fellow college residents are also present to evaluate the results, and to jointly decide on the initiatives to implement in the following semester.



student empowerment

As Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

Blue Sky believes in the critical mission of educating our next generation. We take pride in and work relentlessly to nurture future sustainability leaders.  Students who completed the program are encouraged to step up as peer mentors, taking a leadership role in guiding and fostering new comers. Furthermore, we provide internship opportunities for dedicated participants, kickstarting and opening up opportunities in sustainability career ahead.